b. 2001, Harare, Zimbabwe

Lives and works in Harare, Zimbabwe


‘Mavambo’ is a Shona word which loosely translates ‘the beginning’. Mavambo is Kasito's first solo exhibition in his carrier. In the exhibition, Kasito utilise the female form. He believes that women are the embodiment of life and nature, the ones who incubate the next generation and birth it into being. Many times, they find themselves in desperate and vulnerable situations. Kasito created this project to showcase women in positions of empowerment, as works of art, as master pieces. 


The photographs highlight an interaction with both found objects and the natural environment. These scenes channel some of the inner workings of women's minds. From reminiscing about the past, engaging with the present, imagining the future, or existing in alternate realities, the images are an exploration and a celebration of women.