Nyoka Musango (2019)

Mixed media

75 x 48 x 36 cm

Takudzwa Guzha’s work comments on migration. He is drawn to the period before independence when his forefathers had to leave the country in search of better living conditions. Probably it was out of exhaustion from the Ian Smith regime (last white leader of Rhodesia; now Zimbabwe) or they were seeking refuge in South Africa. The most predominant form of employment back then was mining at the Witwatersrand Native Labor Association (WNLA) famously known as ‘Wenera’ by Zimbabwean locals. Guzha’s focus is on the consequences, misfortunes and joys that the migrant mine workers particularly from Zimbabwe faced in relation to how and why people migrate in this day and age. The Zimbabwean leadership has changed and yet people still migrate. He is interested in the life of the mine laborers, the drive of relocation and the distinction in motives between pre- and post independence. Guzha will be doing his residency from July to November 2019.

Artist In Residency