SprayCan Team in Waterfalls, Harare
SprayCan Team in Waterfalls, Harare

The Artwork
The Artwork

SprayCan Team in Chitungwiza
SprayCan Team in Chitungwiza

SprayCan Team in Waterfalls, Harare
SprayCan Team in Waterfalls, Harare


SprayCan Harare

This project explores and deconstructs the notions surrounding Graffiti/Street art as vandalism. The aim is to understand the production of Graffiti/Street art for both Zimbabwean artists and the Zimbabwean public, as valid artistic expression. Even though this art-form is not widely practiced in our nation, as Post Studio, we aim to dispel the negative perceptions around this genre of art.

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We embarked on ‘phase 1’ of SprayCan Harare as a pilot project. Post Studio worked with a core team of seven artists. The main facilitators and overseers were artists Grant Jurius and Martin Lund from Cape Town, alongside two Post Studio members. We were joined by second and third year students from the National Art Gallery of Zimbabwe for the duration of the project, namely Shalom Kufakwatenzi, Takudzwa Guzha, and Pardon Mapondera. We also worked with a class of students from the National Gallery. The subject matter of the work was impromptu responses to the spaces in which we were working.


The topics that we worked around were then discussed in detail under the theme, ‘The Future of Graffiti Art in Zimbabwe’, held after the three days of working. They were:

  • Techniques

  • Street art as cultural expression

  • Engaging an audience on a wide scale


Moreover, there was a discussion held at the National Museums and Monuments auditorium, hosted by Artists Round-table – a platform set up for artists to be able to express themselves and their ideas –and comprised of the following topics:

  • The history of Graffiti and Street Art

  • Ancient and modern Graffiti

  • The impact of Street Art and Graffiti art in cities across the globe

  • Visual advertising against graffiti

  • Self-expression against civil responsibility


We look forward to embarking on ‘phase 2’ of SprayCan Harare in the near future.

We are grateful to Pro Helvetia for funding the project, and students from the National Gallery of Zimbabwe Visual Art School for participating in the creation of the artworks.


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