2020 Mentorship Program

Are you a young Artist from Zimbabwe ? Do you have less than 5 years practice experience? Do you need an established mentor?

Post Studio Arts Collective brings you this rare opportunity to be mentored by an established artist in your respective field. We are looking to connect mostly , Sculptors, painters, performance, video, new media artists  and curators. We can make exception for other disciplines but our primary focus is the visual.

If you are interested in this rare opportunity visit our Website and apply for the mentorship program by December 15 2019 12:00pm EST


  1. Artist statement (150 words)

  2. Biography (150 words)

  3. Resume

  4. Two letters of reference.

  5. Five images of your work in  jpeg format at 640 x 480 pixels (visual artists), short film (perfomance/ video/ new media), poems, journals or short stories (poets/ writers)

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We will help you connect to an established mentor from the following places around the world:

Bandhagen, Harare, Houston, Lusaka, New Haven, Chicago, Jamaica Plain, Los Angeles, Charlotte, New York, Brooklyn, Skaneateles, Toronto, Fremont, Valencia, New Rochelle, Temple Terrace, Union City, Portland, Chiang Mai, Montreal, Pittsburgh, Austin, Cambridge, Corona, Fayetteville, Washington, Tempe, Columbus, Philadelphia, Buenos Aires, Attleboro, London, Tampa, Santiago, Austin, Mexico City, Richmond, Tel Aviv, Reseda, Allston, Baltimore, Amsterdam, Berlin and Hamtramck

Call for papers

The vulnerable location of black foreign bodies and woman/womxn’s bodies:

Deconstructing the violent homophobic and misogynistic foundations of current South African society in the background of post-apartheid trauma and the complex ideas of nationhood autochthony.

Post Studio is broadcasting an open call to interested academics in Southern Africa and around the world from all disciplines to submit papers deconstructing the multi layered violence and persecution of woman/womxn and foreign nationals in South Africa. This in part is a response to the multiple murders and rape of several young woman/womxn (non-Caucasian in majority) and also the recent xenophobic attacks on foreigners in the country.

Martha Cabrera posits “The multiple wound phenomenon” in an attempt to explain the complex damage of trauma and its ability to perpetuate itself intergenerationally. There’s never been a perfect  moment  to open up this discussion such as this one. Our region is in desperate need of this particular dialogue. Nicholas Abraham and Mariah Torok who are known for their work on “Cryptonomy” suggests that there is gap in knowledge where trauma resides. This gap will be explored in this project as we gather ideas from across disciplines.

We are Interested in interdisciplinary approaches to lay a foundation for academic and intellectual dialogues that will eventually be translated into process for community healing programs, art exhibitions, performances and rituals and installations. These public programs and processes will take the form of Art, social practice and other various disciplinary routes. Following the publication of selected papers, we will invite the published authors and selected interdisciplinary artists to collaborate on prospective projects with a budget of US $6000 per project. In the event that projects exceed the budget stipulation, selected artists and writers are welcome to solicit funding from other sources. We have an extensive network of partners who will be interested in discussing other additional funding prospects.

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22 September 2019


Minimum number of words: 2000