b. 1997, Harare, Zimbabwe

Lives and works in Harare, Zimbabwe


Chiwanga works in photography and performance. She studied at the National Gallery School of Visual Arts and Design and is currently an artist in residence at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe. Her work is around issues of self-discovery and reinvention of self. She is interested in the rapid metamorphosis of the ideas of womanhood in the post-colonial society particularly in Harare. Her works documents and explores perception, womanhood as a political position and change. She uses her body as a medium of memory and fiction to reveal the complex world of young womanhood in a changing society where traditional values are hanging by a thread and changing to become more relevant to the times.

‘Self-on/Cellphone’ is her first solo exhibition held by Post Studio. It is a photographic exhibition where she documents, questions and challenges the traditionally projected ideas of young womanhood, Her body acts both as a canvas and a mirror, receiver and transmitter. Through the medium of the photographic gaze she challenges and complicates this shaky binary.

Chiwanga is one of the recipients set for mentor-ship program facilitated by Post Studio starting soon after her exhibition in January 2021 until December 2021.