New Wine, New Skin (2018)

Mixed media

60 x 25 x 10 cm

As an artist born in Africa, in an urban environment I react in variety of ways. I derive my concepts from our socio-political life, how people behave towards the human situations and experience and also my personal situations. I use urban life and content purely in a visual manner with social, emotional and critical commentary. My approach is derived from visual forms and concepts which translate into aesthetic language. As a dweller of urban Africa, I am not separated and alienated from the root source of my existence, I am able to feel, feed on and draw from my African socio-cultural and environmental heritage and for which I have the capacity of great sensitivity and understanding. My artistic contributions have always been part and parcel of the black man's art scene. Man is of central importance in African philosophy and art, both the past and at present, with emphasis on ontological explanations and participations. In human relations, feelings and emotions the black man is a person and personality that can never be wrong to say that African black man is therefore an artist of his own and is consequently  fully rooted in modern and contemporary life and society. Mukucha will be doing his residency from April to December 2019

Artist In Residency

Clive Mukucha